Easy Roasted Cornish Hens

"Moist and tender cornish hens seasoned with a savory spice mixture and roasted with vegetables to perfection!"

Cornish hens are so doggone cute!! Every time I make them I'm all like "awwwww look.... so precious". Sometimes I even do the whole baby talk thing "awww wook at those wittle wegs!!" Ha! Ay don't act like you didn't know I was a tad off.

If you've never made cornish hens before then you should definitely start with this easy, basic recipe. It's nothing fancy schmancy really. No super seasoning blends. Just a delicious, quick recipe that creates one juicy, tender cornish hens (without brining) that pairs up great with so many side dishes.

Feel free to add in more seasonings and spices if you're going for something really spicey...or smokey...or salty...or whatevs!

What I love about this roasted cornish hen recipe is that it cooks over a bed of fresh veggies so this could totally be a complete meal.

There is something about serving cornish hens that looks so elegant. Everybody gets their own little juicy hen to devour. It's a GREAT alternative to doing a whole turkey for Thanksgiving, especially if you're having a small gathering.

I usually serve it with wild rice, candied yams and cabbage. Oh yeah and a basket of yeast rolls and sweet ice tea!!! Yes Lordt!!!!" I wish I had that meal right now!

Watch me make these easy roasted cornish hens from start to finish!

The Recipe