Video: Hundreds of explosions destroy old NC steam plant | Charlotte Observer

An old Duke Energy power plant dating to 1926 came crashing down in just seconds during an expertly planned implosion Friday in Salisbury, North Carolina.

The tallest part of the structure was 195 feet, or 18 stories, officials said in an email.

Video of the demolition shows nearly 300 explosive charges went off in rapid succession to bring the towering Buck Steam Station tumbling down in a cloud of brown dust.

The minute-long video, released Friday, shows the final seconds of the coal-fired station from three different angles.

"The site where the steam station stood will become a grassy field after it is graded," said a release from Duke Energy, which was known as Duke Power when the plant was built.

The implosion cleared the final four units of a site that opened 92 years ago and was named for Duke Energy co-founder James Buchanan "Buck" Duke, said a release.

The implosion will be featured next year in an episode of the Smithsonian Channel's six-part series "Inside Mighty Machines," said in a Duke Energy news release.

The station, 45 miles northeast of Charlotte, was "the first large-capacity coal generating plant built in the Carolinas," according to the release. The oldest sections of the plant were blown up in August, said a statement.

The station closed in 2013, but the site along the Yadkin River remains active with a natural gas plant that was activated in 2011, Duke Energy said in the release.